Friday, July 31, 2009

David Larnerd

I first ran across Ray Barlow’s photos while searching wildlife photos on I was just truly fascinated at the clarity and sharpness of every one of his shots, not to mention the amazing variety of subjects he shoots. Every one of his photos just had me in awe.

I got to thinking to myself “I shoot the same equipment as Ray but why are my shots not anywhere near as nice?” I knew I would like to join one of his photography workshops, but due to work commitments, I would not be able to travel. This is when I emailed Ray and asked if he’d be willing to provide an online workshop for me and possibly others who could not travel. This was one of the best things I ever did for improving my photography.

Ray’s willingness to answer any of my questions, whether it be camera settings, equipment, post processing, you name it , was just priceless to me. My amount of keepers increased tenfold. His knowledge about photography and the way he can explain it to you is just exceptional. I would recommend his online course to anyone.

Thanks again Ray for all your help and good luck on all your future endeavors.

Dave Larnerd

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