Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Peter Burian

" While I would prefer to photograph lynx, cougar, wolves and other animals in the wild, that's not practical due to time and financial constraints, making Ray's workshop at the Muskoka Wildlife Centre an excellent alternative. The general public does not get entry to the compounds and they don't get to photograph the Saw-whet owl, but we certainly did."

"That made the $200 fee a suitable investment. (In the US, you'd pay far more for a session at a similar facility.) And because we got close to the animals, there was no need for an expensive super telephoto lens. Ray is very knowledgeable and if you need advice, be sure to ask him. Don't be shy or hesitant in this respect, since the right camera settings and techniques definitely pay off in terms of pro-calibre images."

Peter Burian - www.peterkburian.com

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